bandwith needed for a server

Is a 170GBps connection enough for a server?

170 GBps = 178 257 920 kilobytes / second

Probably more then enough.

because i am changing host , and i am installing the servers, But hell , its taken 2 hours to get to 35%
Any thing wrong?

You could probably host every source server with that speed. Are you sure you didn’t mean that you have 170 GB per month?

99% sure its per second

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Network Backbone:
USA — 1Tbps
Germany — 142Gbps

i am hosting in Germany

…Just because the backbone is 142Gbps does not mean you have full access to it. Also, 142Gbps is only 18 612 224 kilobytes / second.

What is your port speed?

dunno , how can i check?

Submit a support ticket and ask them. Would be a lot easier and faster then explaining how to check the port speed on linux or windows here.

ok , just posted a ticket.
But could that be releated to the speed of downloading the srcds stuff.

No, hldsupdatetool is probably connecting to a server in the US. It will likely take a lot longer then usual depending on your route length and if there is any packet loss.

is there any setting i can change to make it download from europe?
last time i installed my servers , it installed in under 15 minutes without any problemes. How come it should be any differant now? i am using the same programe as i used befor ( i mean i copied the same one)

nqhost sucks

how did you now i use nqhost? Anyway , why do you say they suck?

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20Mbps good or not?

I’d say it’s good enough depending how many servers and slots you host? My server doesn’t peak more than 11MBit/s (and 2.7TB b/w last 30 days) daily with 32*3 TF2 servers.

20Mbps will be plenty for one server

well i am planning on hosting a 50 slot sandbox and a 50 slot spacebuild , i put slot count that high because people hate it when they join a 20 sot server and its full nd there freind cant join.
and i am going to host another server that i am not discoulsing the gamemode

50 slot sandbox… 50 slot spacebuild…
enjoy your crashes every 5 minutes and extreme lag if you can even get it filled up with even 10 players

That’s what overflow slots are for broski. Set your visible slots lower than the actual number of slots, and people can use the connect command to join when it’s full.

I have a server in the UK area, it takes a lot longer to download servers/update them. Takes about an hour to install CSS + GMod. Just so you know.