Bane and Pinch: Lead Den (Two guys walking between downed robbers)

<3 Simkas for the vest’d body from K&L

C&C etc


(yes I noticed the skorpion clipping - just too late)

Cool models and nice posing :smile:

I like this.

did the :airquote:Downed:airquote: guys just pass out, because if they got shot, i see no blood

the :airquote:downed:airquote: guys have been shot except for the one in the corner at the back and quite obviously the one closest to the camera because he’s still alive

hint: realistic amounts of blood

still, i think that the one guy whose face down should have just a little pool

Kane and Lynch reference?

Obviously not

'the hell do you think?

Obviously :downs:

Blood does not pool out of human bodies by the gallon. Generally unless you hit a main artery or blow a limb off it won’t pool like that. Good posing, and I’m diggin’ these bank robbery pictures.


Identify Bane and Pinch

I like the angle.

Bane is the black guy pinch is the white guy.

I like the posing.

Can I see original please?
Also Bane is white guy and Pinch is black guy.

Also the image you see IS the original