I’ve started on this model quite a bit ago,haven’t worked with it for a long time now ,but i think i’ll finish this one soon, so here are the wip’s, I’ve started from this:
Now i’m at this point:

This is extremely amazing, I can’t wait for the download. :smiley:

Holy shit!!! That looks amazing!!! What program are you using? And again, that looks amazing.

This is the Baneblade from Warhammer ,i’ve used 3Ds Max 2008,and about the download, i don’t know (I’ve never done max>hl2 integration,maybe if someone would do that for me, than ofcourse)

If you can model awesome models , they you should do a such a basic thing .

I’ve never tried doing that ,nor read anything about it (i don’t think that simple .obj extraction would work)

This is nice, you’ve inspired me to make a tank of my own design.

i’d imagine the uving on that will take you a few years! lol very good though :slight_smile:

It looks too hi poly to be ingame, also how long did it take you to make?

~5 days, 2-4hrs\day,and it’s 100,000+ polys,yeah it’s a bit much for a game


EPIC! I wanted to buy the baneblade but I am saving for a 360 :smiley:

when i saw the first picture i was like, ok. then when i scrolled down i was with my mouth wide open in awe.

Jesus Christ this is the most detailed anything I’ve ever seen. Fantastic job!

There goes the neighbor hood…

Haha, looked at the first picture, thought it was a PS1.

And then… woahhh. Winners for you, sir.

But not the most detailed model i’ve done :stuck_out_tongue: once i’ve made Ultimax Armagedon (design was made by some dude at,but i can’t remember his name…) it was ~1,000,000 polys which is 10 times more than this, but i can’t find those renders of it, i’ll search a litlle bit more…oh and the APU from Matrix Revolutions, i’ll post renders of it soon

This model is so freaking awesome that I would attmept to put it in Gmod and spawn it even if it crashed my game.

Ok I didn’t found renders of that ultimax, but found the concept:

And the APU (Still i didn’t finished the seat\control panel)

That looks rather orgasmic both tank and robot, but are these just standing models or is there any awesome bone work in them to allow them to be turned into actual vehicles by some of the godlike contraptionists and coders.

also I want the first image of the tank :smiley: