Bang Bang (Francis killing a Zombie with a deagle)

Okay second muzzleflash edit.
C&C plzthxbye.


Muzzle flash is wrong. (try flipping it? >.>) And the blood is a meter from the head?

Kinda weird.

Kind of a bland background, i like it though

Dude thx for telling me.
I always wondered why my muzzleflash sucks balls.
Now I know :smiley:

I like it. Sure, there are some more or less minor things (like those mosquito pointed out), but overall it’s very good.

I second both Mosquito’s points. Also, his shoulders are forward, almost if he were sulking, but he’s just held back recoil. Doesn’t add up.

You’re overestimating the stopping power of the deagle, that guy’s off the ground! And if this gun had such power, at least then the recoil would definitely blow Francis’ shoulders back. He could be on the very tips of his toes though, with legs a bit straighter, but not in the air. not even if he was startled while still alive and jumped for some odd reason or another.

Don’t let my sounding harsh fool you though, I really like it. Especially the zombie’s posture, or rather, the lack of it. Very natural.

Yeah I realized it during the editing in Gimp.
Not even Francis could shoot a deagle like that.

I spot isolation errors, good job either way

Use Super DoF next time, regular DoF stands out when the blurring starts.

Everything was made with gimp except the posing.

Yeah Isolating errors.
I hate them.

Can I has original?

Yeah ill upload the original soon.

muzzleflash is going the wrong way :v:



ZS map ftw

Muzzleflash already mentioned :v:
The zombie pose is a little off, same with the blood.
But the pose on Francis is pretty good.

Exactly :stuck_out_tongue:
Original added!

Lol I didnt realized that the muzzleflash was going the wrong way

Really the single thing that’s the most Technically incorrect is that the gun isn’t ejecting a shell, nor is the slide back.

Still cool though.

Thx dude.
Yeah I think I forgot a Shell

Sorry for a bump, But I gave a edit of this, and i Think its horrible, but here it is

Posing is nice though, altough the blood could be on the zombie.