Bang Shishigami from blazblue

Can someone bring a Bang Shishigami model to gmod? better question Can Gmod Handle the level of manliness that is Bang Shishigami?

You can’t turn a sprite into a model…

I figured they would have known that they’d have to build the model from scratch.

You said “bring” not “build”.

Hate to burst your bubble, but nobody is going to make it from a scratch.

that did not stop someone from building their own private Taokaka model(and I know it is private and exists). this Challenge Would be a great test of ability for modelers. hell, I bet with the right reference shots, some collaboration and some love, a decent model of Bang could made in couple of months (give or take two weeks). this guestimation is dependent on the level of experience and collaboration of users.

Exorade, you have not discouraged me one bit. i’m determined to get the ball rolling whether you believe in this challenge or not. if I Requested Litchi you would build her, but your keyboard would be a sticky mess from her hotness. I’ll save the litchi request for another day.


here are a few reference shots of bang:

Yeah no shit, I don’t think that model was requested an picked on this sub-forum. It’s very possible that someone indeed modeled the-whatever themselves or had a friend do it, which isn’t what you are dong here.

It’s good to have optimism, unfortunately you don’t seem to understand few things.
You wouldn’t be the one doing the modeling, it would be someone else putting their time on it. Yes not you, someone else. You also seem to think that doing something like this from a scratch is an easy project and basically a child could do it.

Yeah, that “guestimation” stinks.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people around here either don’t know what “blazblue” is or don’t care. So don’t talk about it as if we’re all huge fans and know everything about it, yes doing so is stupid.

I have no idea what “Litchi” is but I assume it’s a model of a big titted woman, I don’t share this animu wank interest with you nor am I a “builder”.

It looks like If I want Bang in gmod, I Have to build him myself. though my modeling skillls with 3dsMax are a bit rusty. any words of encouragement before I jump blindly into the abyss?

they didn’t build the taokaka model, they made it from pre existing resources, therefore since no preexisting resources for this character you want exist, I doubt it will ever be done.

I’ll build Bang myself then. guess I have to rely on myself to build the resources i need. a challenge that I’m willing to face.

Good luck trying to do that.

That’s called independence. It’s pretty awesome actually. But saying “it’s a challenge I’m willing to face” makes it sound like everyone else are cowards or some shit (not to mention it sounds totally over-dramatic).

The problem with requests is that it requires a large group of people to want the object that you want, and some of those people need the know-how to create said object. So far you have been the only one who wants this character in Gmod, therefore you have only yourself to rely on, and rightfully so.

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It would seem you are correct.

Wrong. Just because he is the only one requesting it so far doesn’t mean other people reading this don’t want it. I want it also so there.

Well du-h, “just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist” doesn’t really work in this case.

Mainly because it’s a bloody forum and if you’re interest in something you show your interest and support by replying to the thread and not relying on people being fucking psychics.

Well with comments like yours it’s no wonder people don’t want to post on this forum.

I’m sorry for being rude to you because obviously you were being such a gentleman towards nubblecakes.

Did I say “Hey you fucking idiot I want it also” to him? No I didn’t.

Quit being a sarcastic dickwad.

Gah, fuck this thread. I’m outta here!

Good luck with your request.

If I remember correctly, I believe she prefers the title: “Boobie Lady”