I know it mightn’t be incredibly practical. but can someone Make a BanHammer SWEP? is it even possible? I don’t mind if it’s a BanCrowbar.

Maybe include the option to toggle between kick and ban?. and if possible have the weapon force you to lunge forward towards where your aiming

Banhammer’s meme source WAS a SWEP. Primary fire has kick and secondary permad. Search around and you will find it.

I’ve searched, and done some googling, didn’t get incredibly far…

I’ll search here again…


I found em, but the downloads don’t work

I wrote the banhammer, but it’s still beta

Sorry for graphics quality :slight_smile:
w_ model (made by my friend):

That…looks sexy

I can’t do w_ model attachment correctly >_<

I love it, it’s exactly what I picture a banhammer should look like. Do you mean you have trouble adding the bone to the world model?

We’ll release banhammer tomorrow :3

Is it going to have a viewmodel? If not I’m certain someone in the modeling section would volunteer to make one.

Yea, we have both models

I created this model =) Special screens for before release=)

Nice, but it’s a shame you had to resort to using crowbar animations, Garry’s Mod models are able to perform much nicer and more suiting ones.

No, I made my animations

From hl2 I have only used the hand

Oh my bad, I just assumed from the position of the hand. I now assume there’s a second hand that we don’t see in the screenshots. :smile: