Banished without using hacker in rust. I want my account

Banished without using hacker in rust. I want my account
I do not use hacker but my account was banned I can do. I will not buy another.

If you where VAC banned, you did something wrong.

Pony up that $20 again, amigo. You done got got!

If it is a server ban, find another server. If it is a vac ban.

If you know you did not cheat, contact valve and dispute your case with them.


But what is this?

I’ll trade you a new copy of rust if you take some english lessons. =)

Good find!


How can you not even bother to use a different username, that’s just hilarious.

This is for you in case you cannot read english well enough…

And thank you for not coming back… we honest players do not want you back.

Lol awesome man too funny what an idiot

why not man? you should buy another copy and continue to cheat so you can get b& again so you can buy another copy and so on and so forth…

This is starting to get a little repetitive and sad

Hello, To submit a form to be unbanned please go to

Sent, hope it unbans me now.

Holy shit it actually worked.

I totally didn’t even cheat, I just got a computer virus that went into rust, and then the next thing I know, I was banned, it isn’t fair, please fix this.
Wow, all better! Look, no VAC on my account! Thanks!


so legit

Perfect for my account now wiped clean!


completely worked, thanks dude