With the Release of 2 packs and 2 Ragdolls I figure it’s high time there Was a Banjo-Kazooie Thread. This way I don’t have to hijack other threads and others can help out if they so wish.

To start this topic let’s have the completed packs and ragdolls
Stop ‘N’ Swop B-K With bonus eggs

B-K collectables Pack

Clanker and his Blowhole bolt


N64 and Rareware logos

Sexy Grunty

Tooie Grunty

Good job on the porting and rigging. Clanker is a great addition, and I hope he’s as large to gmod players in size as he was to your player in B-K. Also, could you rig up his yellow tooth? He had two of them that you shot out in the game.

Good work, pal. :slight_smile: Hope to see some more.

I hope someday someone makes hi-res models of Banjo and Kazooie, like the ones seen in this picture. That would be awesome.

It’ll happen when people make a proper 360 emulator that properly converts to direct x.


Thank you for starting the thread! I saw a link to the Sexy Grunty a second ago, want me to go grab it?

Also, are the Logos released?

Are you planning to ragdoll Clanker? So his tail swishes and his eyes move?

Fancy meeting you here, Glaber. Anyway, awesome stuff. Going to definitely download rusty bucket once it’s done.

I’m very excited to see some good people working on this. I was wondering for a while, why is it that someone ripped Tooty, but no Banjo-Kazooie?

Anyways, good luck Glaber!

This thread should have been long ago when people weere requesting them but the day has come!


If you ever work on anything more of Banjo-Kazooie after the boat of Rusty Bucket Bay, you should also rip the models of Banjo-Tooie. Mostly recommended are Humba Wumba and Drill Sergeant JamJars.

Yeah and that HL2 Leak Borealis map :v:

Since i really wanna download some E3 2003 maps.

Don’t forget his fins they need to be bendable.

Go download MI and chek out A certain Russian web site linked in the HL2 Beta article of the Combine Overwiki

Shit this brings back memories. If I could find my N64 and my games, I’d go play it right now.

Emulators are unstable for me when I run BK or BT on them. I’ve tried all the plugins I could find too. D:

Yeah yeah okay.

Nice. I didn’t even know there was a Banjo-Kazooie thread. Any plans for the bear and bird, and Mumbo?

Bad News, The Rusty Bucket prop hit the limit of 32 materials and has been Canceled.

awwww awesome needs more models

wait are you designing the outside of the ship or the entire thing?