Banjo Kazooie Maps

I just downloaded the Banjo-Kazooie Model pack, but there wasn’t a single map at all. Can someone make a map of Spiral Mountain from the first Banjo-Kazooie, as well as Grunty’s Lair, with the Final Boss to it?

Requests section, also you need images, descriptions, videos maybe?

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Good Idea.

That is a large job that should be tied to a large sum…

I would love to see a map of Gruntys lair. But asking for an actual boss fight it a little much.

I hope this gets made though.

I meant the map for the final boss. The Winkybunion Tower from the first one.

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It’s in the requests section now.

Oh this is kind of good news for you, i’ve actually Been Making Spiral Mountain. I have the models and the materials all done, but the only problem is i’m having trouble importing the model that i ripped in an emulator into 3dsmax. So in short what model file type have you got, add me on steam, send it to me, ill get this done asap, i’ve been meaning to finish it for a while

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making? nah that’s not the right word

There may be a tutorial on how to import models to 3dsmax on youtube, and yeah, I’ll add you on Steam.

well the type i have now is a .wrl and i need to convert it somehow…

You could import the wrl into blender, export it as an obj, and import that into 3ds Max, if that’d work properly. I hear blender opens wrls.

Yeah turns out 32bit 3dsmax can import .wrl’s so i’ve re-sized it, now i need to do the tedious task of applying the textures and doing the brushwork

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Also importing to blender and exporting as .obj someone corrupts the model.

Just sayin’ this now; Video game remake maps suck without the music from the actual game.

Ive got the soundtrack, that’s no problem

Lemme know when it’s finished, pine.

Id also like to see the product… Sounds nice.

This is banjo kazooie spiral mountain right?

Yes. the music for it is right.

Dear god, please don’t let this die. I really want Spiral Mountain in Gmod.

It would be great

I think alot of people would commit suicide for Spiral Mountain or anywhere from any of the Banjo-Kazooie games.

I can imagine a TF2 variant for Spiral Mountain, The RED team spawns in Banjo’s house and try to get to the top of the Mountain to capture and control point while the BLU team spawns in the lobby of Grunty’s Lair and they have to protect the top of Spiral Mountain where the point is.

Including built-in map teleporters that take you to different parts of Spiral Mountain AKA behind the water (where that Trophy is)

the spawns would be awful. if you were on blu you would get rocketed every time you get out of the spawn