Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts models request

I know it’s a love-it-or-hate-it game (with most people on the hate-it side), but if any character or object models from this game can be ported, I’d appreciate it.

Wanted Characters:
-Banjo and Kazooie
-Humba Wumba
-Mumbo Jumbo

as much of a right in the childhood this game was, if someone rips models, i’ll port em. tis my duty. me and banjo kazooie go a long way back.

I wanted my first SFM video to be a remake of the intro of Banjo-Kazooie, if I had the Nuts and Bolts models that would be pretty sweet

It’s definitely a mileage-may-vary game at best.

You’d need a replacement for Tootie, but I like that idea.

I do remember that I made this similar thread requesting the models from the same game, but it didn’t get any support, and if I’m correct, fileformat is probably something that can’t be cracked easily.

What i want is Klungo, so I can remake him saving teh world.

I added him to my list just for you.

Nuts and Bolts sucked Dick and Turds. But the models are HD so somebody who is making a Banjo gamemode or mod or scene could use these models, plus fun to mess around with.

well is there any news on anyone who could potentially rip them from the game? I know it’s possible to rip 360 models and the game uses an engine similar to source. once they’re ripped and all, i’ll do the work to get them into source engine.

But, what I understand, files doesn’t even have fileformat, which is indicated by something like this; somethingrandom.*, which star indicates the fileformat.

I like this idea, even if I hate Nuts and Bolts. It killed the IP, and I loved the game.

I think Microsoft not treating Rare with proper respect or letting them do what they want is what really killed it.

Banjo 1 and 2 was about collecting and exploring. Not… cars.

True. As it’s own game, it’s fine, but not as a Banjo game. It’s more of a customizable vehicle game that just happens to have Banjo characters in it.

I really can’t wait til rare goes indie and makes pc games on steam. it’d better happen. besides most games nowadays have you on the same dumb spaceship or desert the whole game. in banjo kazooie you were scaling mountains, navigating coves, diving in caves, trekking swamps, hiking snowy festive peaks, exploring deserts, inspecting a haunted house, searching a steam ship and journeying in season changing woods. when will games do that again? it always made you feel you were getting farther in the game as the levels changed, and even made you wonder what the next level was gonna be if you were playing the game for the first time.

'Rare makes pc games"

please rare

Either that should happen… Or someone not under Microsoft’s iron fist should buy the IP from Rare and make a new Banjo game like the old days themselves. I’m one of those fans who’d love to see Nintendo buy it back and let Retro Studios make the game.