Banjo Kazooie poses, how beautiful.

Some screenshots I decided to create on dm_bootcamp as soon as I noticed the Banjo Kazooie model pack.

First one, Banjo focused in and Kazooie taking flight.

Same shot, different angle, Kazooie focused in and Banjo in the background.

This one is sorta weirdly done, but the way I think of it is witchcraft gone wrong(?).

The hardest to create, Banjo and Kazooie on a motorcycle. (Credits to Sligwolf for the motorcycle.)

One that I’m most proud of, Banjo taking a shot at a zombie. (Credits to masterlegodude for the shotgun.)

Banjo trying to figure out what the hell this panel is.

Taking a look up at the sun. Blind in less than three years later.

Aiming gangsta style at a scientist.

Same shot, different angle.

Well, that’s about all of this shit. I took all day to create all these, and I’m looking forward to some more later. That’s about it, post all criticism for me, I’d be glad to hear some so that I could improve on this.

Beautiful isnt exactly the word i’d use for this but its a start i guess.

the captions are just the best

*I must get cooking, the time is late

Headcrab stew is what I’ll create.*

Funny thing that you don’t know even yourself what you posed.

Keep working on your posing.

I agree, practice makes perfect, takes some longer than others but we all start somewhere.