Bank robbers running for the escape van while the SWAT team approaches them

My first try at making a wide picture. I think it came out quite alright:

Are those from Kane & lynch? Reminds me of the first level. Arty’d.

the right side is a little empty



I like the models, but the posing is stiff and the robber on the left doesn’t look like he’s running.

That lamppost is really fucking big, compared to that soldier running by it, it looks odd.

It’s alright.

The robber running to the van looks like he is out for a Sunday job, perhaps next time slant him forward a bit so he really looks like he is bootin’ it.

What lamppost? What soldier? There are no soldiers in this picture. What are you talking about?

I didn’t like the van not being reflective but there is nothing you could do about it so yeah :slight_smile:

Why would it be reflective in this situation? There is no direct or even indirect light shining at it.

Where is that van from ?

Yeah, where is it from?

I wish the van had shadows under it.


In fact you turned shadows off. If you’re going to do that, at least edit them in.

Grand Theft Auto IV


I didn’t turn anything off. The shadows just refused to show up for some reason.

they don’t cast shadows

No they’re not vampires. They’re not sparkling.