Bank Robbers


I've seen a lot of people asking to remove the bag and a lot of people don't know how apparently, but the bag is a bodygroup so you can take it off. With the bodygroup stool, set the bodygroup to 2 (TWO) and the subgroup to 2 (TWO) 


okay? okay :slight_smile:

[li]Body groups (for torso/bag)
[/li][li]Skin families (for everything pretty much)
[/li][li]Finger posing (Breen hands)
[/li][li]Slightly improved flexability (It uses the citizen skeleton which is pretty shit for posing, but I improved it. It’s very subtle, but now you can turn their heads and hands and arms more subtly)
[/li][li]Made by me (so u know its p. awsum bro)
[/li][li]Bodygroup STool (I didn’t make it, but it’s useful so I slipped it in)

They were initially supposed to have more skins and bodygroups, but due to Source engine limitations I had to trash some of the skins and split the heads into 2 separate models.

hunterdnrc’s pose

Inspired by:
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Resevoir Dogs
Various other bank robbing movies (How to Rob a Bank, The Bank Job, Heat)

I think I made too much of a big release for something only a few people will use, but I made it for myself so fuck y’all :dong:

awesome. Good job.




Epic :aaaaa:

Whoa, that’s a lot of bank robbers.


Nice job Dean! :fuckyou:

Oh fuck the look brilliant!!

Holy shit, such a variety and quality. Good job

holy shit i approve

Good good.


It would be cool if you could hack off the duffel bag and release the bag by itself.

Dean, you never disappoint. :clap: This is quite a nice break from the glut of rainbow six/ARMA/COD/MW2/AA3/whatever hacks and ports flooding the forums.

@ Leo
Here, it’s in this pack.


wow this is really good dude, I didn’t expect so many variations to choose from. Keep up the amazing work!

It’s about time someone made a bodygroup stool. Thanks a lot!

The tool has been around for a while…