Bank Robbery scene from Revamped Dunce Hat Warrior show

Hey Everyone! Remember when I posted the Opening Scenes to the Dunce Hat Warrior retcon last month?

Well here’s another preview. It shows off the main villain of this (upcoming) episode making his first appearance. In it, he conducts a bank heist, and the Dunce Hat Warrior intervenes.

This action-oriented scene was very fun to make. Please give any feedback you may have, and thanks in advance for watching.

So, better than the original version of the Dunce Hat Warrior?

its actually really cool, have a winner

Pretty cool dude! Should be a Michael Bay movie.

Thank you, everyone for the feedback. It really helps, knowing I’m going in the right direction with this new season. There’s still more work left for the full first episode, and I really look forward to releasing it when it’s done.