bank system max ammount

hello can anyone help me! I wanna put in max ammount in this banking system

I want it so you can max put 500.000 cash in there :slight_smile:

First off all. The bank system your using is the most shittyest horrible coded peice of shit bank system. its seriously useless. and has lots of exploits. and the person that made it is a faggot. find a better bank system. and o yea the derma is horrendus. srry 4 mi b4d sp4lln.

First off all! I think you should show your attitude up your ass and stop beeing so respectless over other people, I the guy who made the banking system blown25 only tries to be nice and give out a cool system which is a pretty good idea its just that people get way to much money.

btw I think you should be kicked out of FP for beeing childish and a respectless prick towards other people!

Learn proper grammar.

lol, kicked out of FP, like his in a clan or something.

Im working on a DarkRP bank system over this holiday so you could use it after.

Any requests you have for its features?

People being d-bags on facepunch for no apparent reason whatsoever? Never!? I am shocked [/sarcasm]
Seriously, can we have ONE thread where you people don’t try to belittle someone else? Good lord.

You should be able to take the code and find where he stores the money and enclose the save into a math.Clamp call. That should limit the amount you can have.

Or you just check it before and after to make sure they aint injected anything somewere along the line.

Ill sell you a Bank system for DarkRP that sends your paychecks to ur Bank.


Just go away please.
Do you even know how to script lua?

what does that have to do with anything? i never said i did i just said ill sell him one. i never said i made it. Derp.

Dont Derp me when your trying to sell off someone elses work.
That is illegal idiot.

Also, just wait 2 days till mine is released and save your money from idiots like him.

You made my day.

:frog: i have permission to sell it derpface

I got this advice from someone else awhile back, ill pass it onto you.

Don’t bother to read what Science says because hes an idiot and doesn’t know anything about programming.

Learn proper grammar, HURRRRR.

You’re in America and you spell worse than 12 year old Danish kids, just fuck off and leave him alone.

Looks fine to me.

Because you’re 12… stop having a go at people for requesting help when you rage when I had a go at your other thread asking for help with a “vip” printer in DarkRP.