Bank System


It sure is. Remember PERP2?

I like the sound of this.

Kinda like a adv but for rp money I guess.


It might be helpful to speak better english if you want people to help you, use a translator from your native language if you have to.

Yea, I personally dont think that you should be hosting a server, seeing that you cant spell right and probably arent much older than 10 years old.

But yes; It is possible indeed, but I dont know how to do it though.

He might not even be english.

I dont hope so.


We can’t GIVE you stuff out of a private gamemode, but we can make something just as good.

damit luke, you beat me to it :\


[DEL]I dont think anyone’s gonna make this for you, as it’s quite a bigger project.[/DEL]

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