Banking Road Turns with Displacements

Alright, so I made a road with an arch, but everytime I try to vertex edit the turn’s edges to raise them and make the turn smooth, I get invalid solid, so now I’m going to try using displacements to do this, but I can’t find any way to subdivide a smooth bank, and I’ve already tried manually painting the curve, but it’s ugly and a big pain in the ass. Does anybody have any method for this? I’ve looked everywhere and found nothing.

like these?

I looked at that and tried it, but stretching one side of the curve upward to make the bank it becomes an invalid solid. The roads in that tutorial aren’t banked.


Oh fuck nevermind, I was too hasty and didn’t see the bottom of the page or that tutorial where there are banks. My bad.
Thanks for making me double check i guess :confused:


They Still aren’t displacements though which is what I’d really like to use, if anyone has any suggestions I’d still like to hear them.

Displacements need to be valid, 4-sided faces in order to work. I would suggest taking the tutorial and turning it into displacements afterwords, but everything’s manually triangulated to prevent the invalid solid error, so you can’t. You could always make a flat layout of the road and raise it manually with the Paint Geometry tool.

I already tried manually painting the geometry and it took a fuckload of time with shitty results, so I guess I’ll just stick with solids.

I remember having a program that would let you select a displacement shape, like banked roads, and spirals and stuff then export it to a .vmf. However, I haven’t been able to find it again. Maybe somebody here knows about it?

You mean this?