BankRobbery Mod ( BRMOD )

I need people to help me for this gamemode. I have an idea and desire but im not good at lua, modelling also in english language but i can express myself without much difficulty. Anyway i think if we can make a gamemode like this people will like it and play it.

Robbers and Security Guards.

Purpose is Robbers steal the money in the bank and Security Guards protect the bank from Robbers.

If you think you can help me please send me a private message or contact with me from steam. Thank you…

Like a map with a big vault, 1 team spawns to defend it? xD ; The other tries to break in it.

What all ideas did you have for it?

Map with a bank and a street robbers spawn at the street security guards spawn at the bank.
In the bank there is a big safe which holds money in it. And this money case have a keypad protection.
On of the Robbers spawn with a keypad cracker and a lockpick. Security guards spawn with a pistol with limited ammo therefore they have to use carefully. Robbers spawn with a automatic weapons but their weapons are with limited ammo too. There is no round time. Also maps include secret passage this passages goes directly to the room of money case. Security guards must know this secret passages to block the robbers way. In the bank there is a camera room and security cameras observes all the places in the bank. And this camera room is locked. Robbers have two way to break the security system first one is unlocked camera room and turn off the cameras the other way is which is more professional finding the secret button at the street which holds all electricity of the cameras and turn off. Security guards cant exit from bank to the street. But robbers can for escape and bring money to their base. If they can robbers team win. But if they are all death Security guards win. This gamemode need a big map because there is a secret passages and a street and a big bank.

Any more ideas then that?

Not now but maybe later if other ideas comes to my mind. But for now this is it i hope you decide to help thanks for your interest.