BankRobbery Mod ( BRMOD )

I need people to help me for this gamemode. I have an idea and desire but im not good at lua, modelling also in english language but i can express myself without much difficulty. Anyway i think if we can make a gamemode like this people will like it and play it.

Robbers and Security Guards.

Purpose is Robbers steal the money in the bank and Security Guards protect the bank from Robbers.

If you think you can help me please send me a private message or contact with me from steam. Thank you…

Why do you say
“I think if we can make a gamemode like this”
If you are simply an ideas guy

Because i can help the developers i said im not good i didnt said i dont know i have a little knowledge about lua coding, mapping and modelling.

I think this would make a good mod. If you have ever seen the mod Fistful of Frags, it is essentially this gamemode with wild west weapons.

vBatuhan, you gotta have resources, you gotta have something to contribute. Anyone can have ideas, and I’ve seen tons of idea-men who try to start up a game project without anything in hand.

You can start by this:
-Basic Lua Coding
–Getting started with gamemodes of Gmod.
-Creating teams (Robbers, Security)
-Each team has different player models.
-Creating entity names (info_security_spawn), (info_win) <-- If robbers get in vault? - etc
-On startup, giving teams different weapons.
-Putting the entities into maps on where people spawn, and if someone gets in vault, robbers win.

If you made this a fretta gamemode, it’d be even easier to make.

If you can get started with these above, you can easily create the gamemode you desire, I am sure tutorials on facepunch on lua scripting will be able to help you on this.

As for I could help you too if I had time, but feel free to add me on my steam: SuperMoof

Goodluck on your idea :slight_smile: