Banlist.cfg not saving names/ids

banlist.cfg not saving names/ids

Any idea?

My cfg on mutiplay only has, 1 ##Banlist

Tried everything to get it to work, Mutiplay taking sometime to respond :frowning:

Make sure you have set the cfg file permissions to 644 or 755 and the group/user is the same as the server.

Cant set file permissions, Job for mutiplay i think.

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you need to write “banid 12345678901234567” - “banid SteamID64here”

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How can I get the player’s SteamID. There a guy getting into my server everytime, he changes his IP.

Check his steamprofile. His Steam ID will be in his URL.


you need to write this on console or on banlist.cfg?

pls i’ll appreciate any help, i’m having trouble right now and i just don’t want shutdown the server to stop hackers. i can’t even ban myself, i’m trying edit the cfg file for like one hour and hothing happens, i can always login back again.


I’ve noticed that the banid’s are not going into banlist.cfg but are actually going into a different file called bans.cfg
Dig thru your server’s file browser and find this file, it should have your banids.

ty, i created a bans.cfg file and i uploaded to my server. Now when i try to ban the banid (steamid64) gets copied to this new file, but it seems that nothing happens on the server. i tried to ban myself, so i copied my steam id into that new file (banid 123456… format). after that i disconnected from the server to test it and i log in again as usual. so it’s kinda of weird…

edit: really weird stuff, if i just copy banid <steam64> to bans.cfg it doesn’t work, only when i put by console command. now it’s working, ty a lot!