Banned 10 min into playing on usual server

Hey so I logged into my server ive been playing for the past month or so in rust, get banned by eac after about 10 min, I was trying to find a place to build a loot base, I tped to my house because the server has a tp mod, then alt tabbed to check my youtube download, I keep a youtube player that downloads my playlist every time I add to it running in the back then I alt back in and says im eac banned, I just want somebody to clarify why that happened.

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:27335158 , yes I know I have a vac ban from 80 some days ago, it was from csgo for bhop scripting

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I made this facepunch account to submit this question before anybody comments about how new my forum account is

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

And your expecting sympathy after already being served a Vac ban before?
Cmon man…How could anyone even believe you

I guess you think that clarification means sympathy

You were banned because EAC found a hack on your client. How about you learn to play like the rest of us?

Coming from a random user, I find that hard to believe.

Calling the kettle “black” I see to

you dont need to put black in “” btw for that

No one here is gonna believe you, if you have read through the forum you would see every time a thread like this is posted it is soon closed because it always turns out that they cheated. EAC don’t false ban.

Clearly you were banned for the background working of this “YouTube” playlist. Eac is unaware of small, unknown websites so when you used it eac unfairly banned you. Give this man some justice eac crew!

im not asking for people to believe me I just want clarification on if it was a false positive or a legitimate ban, ive been false banned plenty of times due to the fact that I run many programs in backgrounds of games, that dosent automatically mean they are cheats, so I just want somebody with the ability to clarify to clarify instead of people who have no way of knowing.

Then don’t ask here. EAC have their own forums.