Banned after 36 minutes playing.

Hello everyone,

I’ve just bought the game and I’ve been playing it for 36 minutes when suddenly I got disconnected and I got banned for NO reason.
I mean I barely know how to play the game, how in the world would I be hacking?
I wasn’t doing anything ilegal to get my account banned I was just playing normaly

Can you guys do something about it?

My Account is: pururca19

Here is the image:

Thanks in advance.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - postal))

Post the link to your Steam profile.

The community profile hasn’t even been set up yet, so it’s possible OP made the account, cheated for 36 minutes, then got banned.

Nobody on this site can do anything about it.

The only place for you to go is Steam Support:

Seriously. Don’t bother pleading and trying to negotiate. The only people that can lift VAC bans are the VAC team, and the only way to reach the VAC team is by asking Steam Support to confirm with the VAC team that Valve Anti-Cheat was accurate in banning you for cheating.

And that profile is pretty much the definition of throwaway account.

Thank you for your request, puruca19. And welcome to Facepunch !
I am forwarding this message to
We apologise for any troubles.

Totally off-topic; not to mention that Max doesn’t even work at FP anymore.

that and he can’t even do anything anyways so ChickenLegGuy is even more silly as fuck

I know I’m gonna get flack for saying it as I’m not sure of it myself, but it could be 36 minutes played on a Family Share side account that was purposely setup to make the story seem legit. I’m sorry, just that people try some crazy things to get away with cheating in Rust that someone doing that became a possibility to me.

If you cheat in a game that’s been shared out to you through Family Sharing, the original owner gets VAC banned.

Either way, nothing at all changes the fact that OP is up shit creek with a canoe made of salt.

I’ve never tried to salt my diarrhea. Thx for the idea.

you cheated, you got banned. the end