Banned after only ten minutes of gameplay?

Hey everyone, I want to preface by saying I have honestly never cheated, I don’t even play games against players generally. Anyways, I just bought rust on steam, saw it on twitch and bought, played for like 10 minutes and got off. I go on later and I am gamebanned? I sent in an appeal but I have a feeling it wont be appealed, I know I cant get my 40 bucks back either. Any suggestions, or has anyone been in a similar situation? I feel really helpless considering I have never cheated or been toxic. Thanks in advance, trust me, if I actually cheated, I wouldnt be making a forum post, just want to hear some advice.

Also, the server I played on was a modded training server, since I was new, wanted to see how to shoot and stuff, not sure if this helps, I know this isnt an appeal, I just am wondering if anyone has been in this boat.

You can’t believe how many people say they haven’t cheated.

lol I know man, but honestly, I dont even know where to begin in cheating. I am not sure how to prove I have not cheated, youll just have to take my word on it

Exactly that’s the problem. There’s no real way you can prove you didn’t cheat.
False-positives exist, but they rarely happen.

yeah, afaik its a false positive. Is it possible that hardware on my PC got flagged? I do some coding and stuff, but never anything in relation to cheating. It feels really helpless, I even got my friend to buy the game so we could play together, I wasnt looking to dump 40 dollars into a free ban

I guess I will just have to wait and see what they say, but according to every other place I have seen, it aint looking good. I really wish I could hear what I did wrong

I’d guess you have to wait for the results of the ban appeal.

You can read up on EAC stuff here EAC – Facepunch Studios

my profile says and rust says I am gamebanned, is this the same as EAC banned or?

EAC is the anticheat they use. So if you got banned for cheating then its safe to assume it was EAC. If you launch the game and try connecting to a server it should tell you.

I get “Steam Auth:Gamebanned” and then my steam profile says I am gamebanned and nothing else

Maybe you have been manually banned by someone from Facepunch.

You’re in a completely wrong place to appeal your ban. Do it here: Easy Anti-Cheat

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If you really have played only 10 minutes, you can refund the copy of the game on steam.
They do not ask any questions if you have played less than 2 hours and will instantly grant your refund.

Game cannot be refunded if you’re banned from it

I had already submitted an appeal, this post was in an attempt to see if anyone else has had similar experiences or could give some advice. I know I did not cheat, but every post I read seems to indicate that EAC rarely, even when innocent, unbans people in my situation. And also youre right, I can not refund, which I understand but its really depressing, spent my money on an otherwise clean steam account, just to get marked and banned as a cheater.