Banned (another one)

I was playing, then i logged to grab a sandwich. then tried to login again. now it says my account has been banned?

Anyone else having this issue?

Im not sure i was actually banned. but rather a bug or something. because i haven’t done anything wrong. I haven’t even had any contact with anyone for the last hour or so?

dont worry your account didnt got banned, the web site is just down…

Thank’s for the reply. I had a feeling, but was abit worried still :slight_smile:

still… dont worry, more than half of the players got ‘‘banned’’ the servers are down and the web site as well…

I was just banned as well, i really hope that they fix this really soon.

your not really banned it just says that cause the site down as soon as the servers come back up youll be able to get back on

Banned to : /

(EDIT) ok sry for my useless post ^^

you arent really banned… i was planning on buying the game today and before i did it said i was banned. I assume the servers are down

Hopefully its a server restart … :dance:

Shit… websites back up but store is down :confused: looks like i might have to purchase later

CTRL + SHIFT + DEL in the browser…
Clear your cookies…
Try again.

Hay guys. I really want to play this game so I was waiting till I went down I price. I had been on it for about 2-3 hours so I thought I’d refresh the page and so when I did that it said I was banned :frowning: and now it says the shop is offline?? Is that because I’m banned or are they having problems?!?!
Pleaseeeee help!!!

Jesus Christ, Wait. Patience.
The Servers are Down, they are Updating.

Sorry mate. I’m not the best with this stuff. I’m just asking