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September 2015
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I play myself and here comes destroys my house admin! I have no cheats! how it happens?
Server Amsterdam! My profile
I play for a long time with friends, and I do not have not any cheats
Admin lawlessness I flew to the server and began to destroy our homes mallet

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May 2013
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You were collaborating with someone who hacks, so I server banned you.

He ran a stranger and offered to take the loot! I agreed, he began to throw off me I raised

and before that I was the man with the bow because he was afraid of losing an expensive loot
I saw someone near my house ran home breaks

saw the loot from his house pours I collected then saw admin but have not yet realized that this admin I thought the type to cheat! I started with the onion strilyat thereon

then runs up a man without a nickname and says you need here, I said yes, and he began to give

Then I saw something flying above me and a couple of minutes it became my home break indiscriminately situation

and how now?

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I always play with the guys on streamers

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thank you will know

Google Translate really needs to parse grammatical structure.