Banned by EAC randomly...

some time today while I was at school, I got a message from one of my steam mates saying that I tried to join the server and it said I was EAC banned, yet I was at school and had no access to steam. when I got home I tried to log onto the server and was definitely banned, I haven’t downloaded anything nor has my steam been hacked… yet somehow my account has been banned and a player on the server I play on with the same name as me was banned.

Any information on why I was banned would be nice, it says it was by EAC and I don’t know how to check what the ban was from.

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my name on steam is Breakfast and my steam ID is STEAM_0:1:41919721

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EAC does not ban randomly, you, or a family sharing account were banned for something tampering with the game files.

Is there a way for me to see what caused the ban? I really don’t wanna make a new account to play my favourite game… (RUST) I have 620 hours on the game and am a well known player on one of the top modded rust servers in AUS…

No, EAC refuses to give out ban information other than you were banned. The reason for this is so that people who make hacks cannot see EAC’s methods of finding the hacks, so that the hack makers cannot work around it.

is there anyway I can contact someone and talk about this ban?

why would hack using your main account?

I wasn’t hacking and have never hacked, so if your not going to give helpful replies, piss off.

Not random at all. You got caught.

That is an official Twitter account run by the devs and live-tweets EAC bans. There’s nothing to discuss, unless one of the EAC guys wants to come by and confirm that the database registered you using a payhack (or a free hack, I don’t know).

I legitimately am not a hacker and have never hacked, I have no idea why it would have said that I am.

Maybe your lil bro was on your acct?!?!

Fervently stating you didn’t hack isn’t convincing anyone and does not make it any less of a reality.

Get a new steam account, buy rust again, and try not using cheats this time.

I love this addon

don’t have a lil bro or any family members that even play PC.

You’ve been banned for a 100% clear detection of a pay-to-cheat hack. The ban is irreversible.

that’s rude… cant believe you took the time to do that, pretty sad.

holy shit that’s amazing


it does it automatically

I’m sorry that you were licked by a sexual predator, that’s horrible. Maybe I can add you on steam and we can talk about what happened to you?

Oh ok then u hacked

There goes your one line of defense gg

He’s going to reply to the EAC guy saying he didn’t cheat now, watch.