Banned by EAC while connecting to server.

Hey guys.

Today I had problems with Rust after installation Windovs 10. I went to the server, I knocked different errors.
I just reinstalled Rust and everything went.
After some time, I have a friend called to play. I started to go to the server and reconnect several times, and then I gave the EAC ban !!!

My nickname Freddy^-^ oJ
My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57864648
My SteamCommunityID: 76561198075995025

P.S: sorry for my English (google translate)!

Number one…can you not see any of the other posts just made concerning this?
Two…Contact EAC nothing can be done for you here
Third…Your a cheater, now see yourself out the door.

Omg. I have never in my life did not use cheats.

9.999999/10 chance you’re lying, if you truly are innocent you should prove to them why they should unban you.

I can prove the most in any way, just tell me how

Tell us about the programs you had launched/open around the time you were banned.

Steam, Browser, Skype, Fraps and Update Windows

I don’t know man, you might be holding something back from me, but all I know is they don’t ban without evidence, so if anyone of the EAC staff come by they might tell us if it’s a legitimate ban. Best I can do is redirect you

happened to me and some guys in here formun, I have been banned from the serverMilan without a reason today.

Because all of you cheated, I’d say that’s reason enough

op, provide your steam id so EAC have an account to check. you too drop.dead.

realised the op does provide his steam id, ignore me. wait for eac.

They can talk to EAC via private email and give them their steam ID. There is no reason they need to talk to EAC via these forums. Does that really help anyone?

NOW your catching on Cinder !!!

Up! HELP pls!!!

Just read the other thread. It answers everything.

Thread: EAC has responded …