Banned by Helk (mistake)

I have 600+ hours on FacePunch Texas and have never cheated. My buddy and I were inside, he goes outside and says that a hacker killed him. Then Helk(admin) helps him up and I get banned! wtf! I was just inside messing with my furnace, not doing anything sketchy at all. What is the process for getting unbanned? I have seen everyone flame hackers before I post here knowing that. I have nothing to hide and did nothing wrong. Please admins! my steam name is walker_allen Let me know if any other info is needed. This is horrible, I played on FacePunch Texas for at least 650 hours, why would I decide to try to hack all of a sudden. I see people getting banned everyday. Please just look it up, I didn’t do anything. Thank you.

Edit: I have been racking my brain on why this would happen and thought of this, maybe its stupid but whatever: I had 3 snap traps outside my base (i only saw one today but I didn’t go and check each one and they were in plants). I wonder if my buddy hit a trap then it said that I killed him or whatever. Could EAC see that I killed someone while I looking into a furnace inside a house? Then they think I am cheating. I know its stupid, but I was just thinking that with the new patch they tried to do something like that, dunno.

Are you banned on just the Texas server or all servers? If it’s just Texas then contact the admin to see what’s up, if EAC banned you (I don’t know how it would without messing with the memory) then contact them.

No one here can really do anything about it. If it was a ban exclusive to that server, just play elsewhere. If you were EAC banned, HERE might be a better place to ask about it. Yes, EAC Staff do in fact view these boards, but it might be faster to contact them from their site(and you might save yourself some humiliation as a majority of the community doesn’t take kindly to “I was banned for no reason” threads as to date everyone who has posted one was eventually outed as rightfully banned).

There is probably no Texas admin. - some official servers don’t have them.

It sounds like he was banned from all servers by a Facepunch staff. In this case, it does make sense to ask here about it - or contact FP some other way.

He said he was manually banned by an admin, so it is not EAC.

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It wasn’t EAC. He said it was a Facepunch staff who was online and who banned him because someone called him a hacker - so it was a mistake and it was a manual ban.

If anyone has a better way to contact FP staff, then let us know. Otherwise, this is as good a way as any to reach Facepunch staff.