Banned by mistake from a server

Good Afternoon,

My steam name is Giganova9128399,
Later, the server !!![FR][EU] Tous a poils et on se caresse !|VANILLA|AIRDROP| crashed,
its the server where i usually play.
When i’m trying to reconnect, the game shows me “Disconnected: you are banned frome this server”
I don’t understand why…
I didn’t do anything illegal!
I was just trying to connect.

Please help me!

Thanks a lot, Giganova9128399

Same for me.

This is because the admin of that server banned you. Noone here can help you with that, an admin is free to ban whoever they want from playing on their server. Even if that makes them a dick.


Finally that was just a bug,

none admin was connected since a lot of time.
several of my friends had the same problem.

I’m not a cheater and there is none reasons to ban me…

But thank you for your concern, my problem was resolved.