Banned by the EAC was, if not used, no illegal program

I was banned by CAS and I wonder if you can reverse. I did not use any illegal program or something that can give me benefits in the game, want to be unbanned, have not used, thank you.
Nick in Rust:
The id Steam:

Thank you for your help

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

Doesnt matter what you did. If the admin decides to ban you for whatever reason he will.

No return?

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No return, only buying one in another account?

Were you banned by VAC? EAC? or just one server admin?

VAC - nothing you can do - contact Steam/Valve.
EAC - google “EAC cheat” and email them.
one admin - just go to another server.

what cinderstar said + probably needing a new account if VAC or EAC banned.

The EAC has banned me.
Just want to be able to come back to play.

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I have not used any illegal program

Noone here can help you with an EAC ban. You need to contact EAC directly. Give them your Steam ID. They might tell you that you’re a dirty cheater.

EAC Ban = You cheated. Don’t lie.

So it turns out devs are handing out EAC bans for spamming official servers (to extremes), so, no, not necessarily.

Such as this guy.

EAC ban means either you cheated, or someone you share your account with cheated. Either way, it’s a permanent ban.

The lesson is don’t cheat and / or don’t let other people use your Steam account.

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Yeah, that’s pretty heavy-handed, uncalled for, and basically ripping off a customer. As annoying as that kid is, spamming chat deserves a sever ban, not EAC. Devs have basically stolen his money by doing that when all he did was spam a server. EAC bans should ONLY be handed out for people hacking and cheating.

Yeah, that is really messed up. Using an anti-cheat system to manually ban paid customers for chat spamming?

This account was banned automatically for a cheat. I’ll check about the linked account, though.

i disagree crunch mate. fair enough if someone spams for a minute because they are pissed off. but this guy was banned by garry for 3 hours of spam. seriously, i would rather people who are that childish CAN’T play the game at all; they are pretty much as bad as hackers to my mind, or at least as destructive to the server population.

also keep in mind that though they CAN manually EAC ban, it’s pretty rare for anything other than cheating; typically they will just server ban like you pointed out.

[end] reason for ban confirmed [/end]

I disagree, although what you said makes some sense.
There will be (today, hopefully) new admin commands to mute players. Wouldn’t it be more intelligent just to mute disrupting players (temporarily as a warning, or permanently if it happens again) than to straight up ban a players from ALL servers because he talked shit for a couple hours? I’m not defending him, but that’s like imprisoning a dude IRL for repeating the same shit to people in the street for hours.

it’s a bit like singapore’s laws on littering; yeah they are damn harsh, but you don’t see as much litter out there. and in the end it’s just a game; people won’t die over having to rebuy the game, but they might reconsider being a prick to the community.

i think weaker punishments like muting, though useful, will probably be ineffective in most cases.