Banned | Can someone in EAC take a look into this?

In trying to find the what was detected on my system to actually be an EAC ban offense? My steamID is 76561198051026032

I know that fact that I haven’t touched an official server in a long while doesn’t mean anything. But honestly I have been playing on my own server for the longest time. Why would I need a hack to cheat. I can use console commands to do whatever I want and with the help of oxide plugins that ability is expanded. Someone from EAC please get ahold of me and explain this a bit more?

boy that’s one hell of a steam ID

also you forgot to change the steam ID you have linked on your facepunch account:

So I guess you’ve been banned twice now. kinda hard to believe it’s an accident, especially if you never said anything here about the first ban.

Hahaha fucking fail hacker

Get a new account and try again. Garry as will as that cheat coder thanks you for the money you tool

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - UncleJimmema))

Hooray you found my other account. I don’t need no criticism from you guys. Yes I hacked on the other account I’m not gonna deny that. I want a response from EAC. Why would I waste money twice If I wanted to hack on the new one? I’m trying to figure out why I got a Game Ban for Administering my server.

“I hacked but I swear guys, I didn’t do it again this time!”

EAC detects injected hacks. I find it unlikely that administering your server requires injecting things into the Rust client, so that leaves one option and one you’ve been guilty of in the past already.

However, I’m not EAC and can’t access the database, so I can’t actually give you any answers. Maybe it’s a mistake, we’ll only find out when someone with access checks in.

Thank you. That’s all I’m asking is for EAC to look into it.

Instead of Contacting EAC directly you did the most retard move and posted it here where everyone is gonna blame you for hacking…

Thats like contacting Mark Zuckerberg Via Twitter…

You know. I don’t really care where I posted it. I contacted them directly and since I know they reply on this forum also I replied here. I honestly don’t mind being accused of hacking. I find all the comments pretty funny and entertaining. Did I flare up the conversation by replying, yes I did…

If you don’t mind me asking, why the hell did you hack?

You say this on a thread where someone was found out to be a cheater, but you cheat yourself. I don’t understand.

Well for me your attitude just goes to show how arrogant you really can be and how the fact that you hacked in the first place with no concern about ruining anyone else’s in game experience

It’s sad to see that players feel that they are that needy that they go to these hacking lengths to win and with no regard to others… yet it is a different story you ask for help from EAC to prove your possible innocence

As postal said this is your 2nd account to be banned for automatic detection of paid cheat software but you already knew that, try to keep your new account clean …