Banned cause spam.

thats my steam id, I was banned for spamming official server facepunch seattle.

when hackers were flying around head shoting everyone, yah i took it way overboard, I regret that now. It was annoying and immature. (for the rest of the server who are legitimate players)

I do not wish to be unbanned so I can spam again, I wish to be unbanned so I can play again. (i do have 800+ hours in the game) so 800+ of those hours were spent playing the game, and not spamming.

Thanks for this moment of your time, and have a good Day.

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I feel that someone who is a good contributing member to the game and has spent many hours playing and recruiting more people to the game as someone with 800+ hours most likely is, should not be banned permanently for spamming instead should have chat restricted and or have a week ban from the game. To permanently ban someone for spamming about a hacking issue on your servers is an injustice at the very least. If anything this should bring to your attention that a game you should love made unplayable for the community that actually enjoys playing. So i would feel that spam bans of this nature should be re-evaluated. Please focus more on the hacker problem on all of the official servers, it is honestly a joke. You cant run around for 10 min without getting killed or seeing someone flying around.

There are other servers…

EAC ban removes you from playing the game completely not just from certain servers.

As far as I know, the devs only server ban for spamming. Cheaters get EAC banned, spammers don’t get EAC banned.

OP hasn’t clarified and doesn’t seem to know the difference.

OP, have you tried any other servers? You should be able to play in them, unless you’ve also been doing things other than spamming.

Who are you? forum troll? EAC told me to come here, cause the ban was placed via a facepunch admin and or mod.

EAC said the ban was for spamming, want the email sent to you?

I have seen EAC bans for spamming in the past, he is not the first person but the spammers are normally not just spamming about hackers on the server.


Facepunch admins have the possibility to ban players from all servers by issuing a global EAC ban. The ban in question has been placed by a Facepunch admin, so we cannot remove it.

Yes, but a Facepunch Admin could remove it.

Yes you have already told me that via email.


Just respoding to this thread due to someone tweeting this thread to us in twitter.

Cool, Do you have a way to get in contact with a Facepunch Admin?

Well, thanks for the speedy response.

Guy gets banned for spamming, starts calling people trolls…

I say wait for the admin that banned you to reply.

messed up on my steam id: STEAM_0:1:118308948

try not to be an asshole. you didn’t state it was an EAC ban in the OP, and most of the time people haven’t pissed off the admins enough that they actually use the EAC ban option rather than the single server ban.

hackers being prevalent on the server don’t excuse you being a prick by spamming chat. you got what you deserve, but maybe a polite post instead would give you a chance at reprieve.

Funny, I feel the complete opposite. If you have 800+ hours played already and you don’t know to not be a spamming idiot by now, you shouldn’t get a free pass. I hope the ban stays.

Well, with that attitude, I don’t know why anyone would help you. At least I’m not EAC banned. :v:

Haha elixwhitetail!

I suggest the OP just buys another copy of rust and moves on. Lesson learned.