Banned for a virus

Hey guys, its me again.
So i’ve fixed my virus from , which made me spam all the time.
Allright, now i’ve fixed it so that’s history. Next problem:

I’ve got banned from all hoverboard servers avaidable (they are all from the same owner ).

I’ll put the i.p adresses and names of the servers below, can someone go in there and ask if they can read this thread and unban me?

P.s. The reason i stayed in the servers for so long was because i didn’t notice it was me who was spamming.

I.p. adresses:

EU 1 :
EU 2 :
EU 3 :

Also the names of the servers are:
*gaming - Hoverskate2 ( EU # 1/2/3) [FastDL]

Any help is welcome guys.

Why not find the owner on steam add him tell him what happened in steam chat instead of asking on a forum where a bunch of people probably don’t care.

Why did you have a virus on there anyway.

It’s Gmod… >.>;

i explained already. virus came from and i cant find the owners id

It have been confirmed the virus did not come from liquidgame, check this topic for more info.

And don’t join servers that says Super Build, what do you expect from that?
Some awesome build server that allows you to build super contraptions?

You need to post unban requests on our forums at not here on FPS or no action might come of this.