Banned for asking for a link to forum rules AKA 'crap thread'

Title says it all… I made a thread asking if anyone knew where I could find the rules of the forums because I am new here and do not know my way round and as a result this thread got me banned for the reason ‘crap thread’. Well since the mods here are so immature and unprofessional all I can think is that the game developers must be the same. So congrats on losing a potential buyer/user, I shall just stick with DayZ :slight_smile: Oh and this thread will probably get me banned again but its not like I care now. In the long run, it will be you losing out, not me.

(User was banned for this post ("dumb thread, 2x ban combo!" - Gran PC))

(User was permabanned for this post ("doesn't care about being banned" - postal))

you won’t be missed. I can guarantee you that.

Well obviously not, I only just got here lol. Nobody knows me :slight_smile:

Yea making a thread for something that could be found easily using the SEARCH button is a stupid idea.

Try looking at, oh I dunno, the bottom of the fucking page

Thank fuck someone finally managed to help, little late now though don’t you think?

Welcome to facepunch, hope you enjoy your stay.

MY friend just bought gold and not even 10 minutes later BAM. Banned for reason “AFR-ICA” WTF?

Garry is a racist.

Bans are warnings here
Get over it

Is that what your mom told you to say when you’ve managed to make an ass of yourself?

oh man I’ll sure miss that guy…

what was his name again? Oh well. Guess I’ll keep playing, because, I’m not losing out by having one less bad player.

You know, the mods here are fuckloads better than DayZ’s devs. You don’t want to be treated like shit? You sure as shit shouldn’t be playing Day Z then :slight_smile:

well just to point out,
i have seen users “banned” not given a warning or getting the Thread closed… the smallest things, like asking a question about rules/Keys/Where to play the game… Yeh there is a search field, But come on… be mods/Admins and help the users not just ban them just for stupid reasons, give them a warning and point them the right way,

and before you say its more work.

  • Close thread

  • edit thread with reason of being banned

  • ban user

  • Close thread

  • Edit thread

  • Warn user

No, if they come here to be a dumb ass then they should be immediately banned.

This guy. This guy is correct.

Dick head

Is that your final argument? I thought you were leaving.

wasn’t a need for that,

Nope, just a response to your steam message :slight_smile: