Banned for Killing Admins (Incident of the Ban)

This is just a message to avoid this server if you would like. We got into a fight with a group, and after a 20 min battle, we won. As we go and loot, we see an admin with godmode try to loot the leftover gear on the bodies. Can’t stop him, so as we are going back to our base, the other admins start teleporting to us. We shit talked them (Figured we were going to get banned anyways due to the one admin calling us hackers and the fact they kept godmoding to get their gear), so if you would like to say we are immature and deserve to get banned for shit talking abusive admins, go right ahead :P. I was only able to capture the incident of the banning, due to shitty frames in gun fights. Just letting you guys know about the server, choose to either play on it or not, just warning you. It’s their server, they technically can do whatever they want with it, but to us, it’s not an enjoyable experience.

Server name currently : [US EAST]Vanilla|Active Admins|Wiped 6/10|Airdrops|No Dura

Well, it does say ‘active admins’, not ‘good admins’, lol…

These kinds of threads seem rather pointless though - after all, simply by the nature of having ~5000 servers and the vast majority of players only really being able to (or wanting to) play on 1-5 servers at any given time, every player is ‘avoiding’ 4,995 servers already. This really isn’t going to make any difference.

I can understand wanting to vent though :wink:

It might make a difference to some, and if you server hop like us almost every day, this could be useful. I understand where you are coming from though, m80.