Banned for "No Name Hack", use this thread to discuss it

Hi so i wanted to troll some kids on the game, so instead of numbers and letters i put symbols and turns out my name was invisible, now im banned for that what is this? i really like this game!

I GOT banned WTF for copying a name and it says im a hacker

Ok so my mate said heres a cool little thing and i copy it and paste it and then i got banned lol

its says

your account has been banned

“empty name hacker”

if you think this is a mistake ask in our forum

Could u help come on i dont hack plz cuz its a ur bug in ur game i copy something and put it in to my name WTF!

how to do the name

" ⁢" its in there copy and paste it into your name and u get banned

So you pretty much changed your name to a hacker name and got surprised when you get banned for something related to hacking?

it wasnt a name i copy this here ill show you

" ⁢" its in there copy it admins look

I GOT BANNED TOO, I copy and pasted a name where it looked like I had an invisible Name, so I came back on (this morning) and it said “Empty Name Hack” So honestly I feel like this is a problem.

Same alot but i dont hack

You tried changing your name to blank, deserved to be banned imo.

it’s cheating, you have no name, that’s why you got ban, just play with a name like everyone else and you won’t have any problems

i copy something and played and got banned i can show you how to do it (IT IS LEGIT)


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i dont hack i just tested something it looks cool having no name so people dont get mad at you i think having no name looks good but it isnt hacking

So I wanted to troll people with having no name running around so whenever somebody finds me or if I make an enemy they won’t know who I am I’d have no name and it would be REALLY funny. But I come on this morning and it said" You have been Banned, Empty Name Hack" so if I could get UNbanned for this I’d really appreciate it because I have play this game for 3 months and I have bought 4 Accounts just so my friends could play too. While I’m on it, they all got banned too because they had No-Name, so PLEASE unban us, we didn’t know it was bannable!

" ⁢" its in there copy it Admins look

" ⁢" its in there copy it Admins look

Same here

I hope you stay banned

What did you think would happen?

You cannot be identified if you have no name, hence why you got banned.


Did you report it?

i though it were to test bugs i didnt no that

based garry

Im happy to hear that they are banning people, sucks to suck.

oh sorry i want use it why dont they fix it not just banned me?