hello i am on steam i have today been banned from playing rust on the apparents of socalled i have hacked or cheated in some way i would like to see what proof you have as i have 30 hours of proof from a live stream i have of me playing rust and there is NO hacks on at the time i want to be unbanned as rust is my fav game i have and if i am not banned i want the contact details of your legal department as i have spoke to my solicitor about this and with my 30 hour video of proof i have not hacked i will take this matter to court for more and i do not give u permittion to put my profile on your twitter page remove my link as that is my private infomation and breach or confidentiality

i look forward for a reply
stewart hurfurt

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and to the people reading this sorry but this aint none of your business so mind ur own nose unless ur a admin who can legally speak

In order to check if you have been cheating or not, you need to post your steam ID.
I got you mate.

Seems like he played for 1k hours.
How those 30 hours going to prove he didn’t cheat in the whole time frame is beyond me.

lol “i will take this matter to court”

good luck with that[/media]


You got your wish??

Also FYI EAC does not provide proof. Neither does Valve for VAC bans. The reason is the same: This information would be used by cheat writers to determine what techniques in their cheats are detected and what aren’t. If EAC reviews your ban and finds that it was a mistake (which could happen but it’s happened to three cases out of >20,000 bans) they will remove it. If it’s not a mistake, the ban stays and that’s the end of the line.

Your 30 hours of recording doesn’t even cover the last week. EAC may hold off on bans for weeks after detection, and then it goes out in a wave – this is also to obscure what hacks are actually detected to make things harder on the hack writers.

You should also re-read the Steam Terms of Service and make sure you understand them before you make legal threats. Print off a copy and bring it to your solicitor. Especially if you think you have the right to not have your public Steam profile linked as part of an anticheat ban for detected hacks (whether or not the ban is valid or a false positive).



Hahaha good luck taking them to court with only 30 hours proof and over 1000 hours in game, do you really think that will end well for you? :ohno:

Take your ban like a man and stop making up bullshit and making empty threats that are never going to happen.

Next time think about the consequences before you go ahead and cheat on your favourite game.

Also if you don’t want other people’s input or opinion, you’re in the wrong place mate, this is a PUBLIC forum.

the 30 hours are my last 30 hours of playing rust one you can see there is no cheating going on and 2 with the video on youtube please tell me why he has not been banned

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so i want to know what is my ban for and will it be removed as in it is a false ban and if not i want the legal department that is not a threat that is a demand as i will take it forward

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and if you want to go back weeks i got more then 30 hours i will make it the 459 hours and 21 minutes if u want all that i dont mind i archive all my videos incase i need them dont matter to me as i have not hacked or cheated

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u have no right being here so mind ur nose

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You got your wish??

Also FYI EAC does not provide proof. [8th April 2016[/editline]

out of all my time playin i recorded 459 hours and 21 minutes on arcive on my pc the 30 hours is just from yesterday and today as i was assuming thats what was going on i gt plenty of footage proving i dont cheat

I have every right to be here actually, this is a PUBLIC forum. Nice try though.

Go ahead and “take it forward” even if you do have 459 hours and 21 minutes worth of footage that doesn’t even cover half of your actual play time, you’re dillusional if you think that will hold up in court.

Have you even read steams subscriber agreement? You simply purchased a subscription to play the game, and they have every right to ban you under suspicion of cheating. EAC however doesn’t ban under suspicion they ban for actual hack detections.

So good luck with your legal endeavours mate, you’re going to need it hahaha.

thank you if i need to take it to court i will thank you aand when they play my half the game video they will get half way threw and be like this is bull he hasnt cheated or nothing but if they gt the 459 hours to waste they can watch till heart content to see STILL NO HACKS

You don’t even understand how the legal system works do you? :ohno:

Sucks to see such a lagit player get banned for no raison.
Hope this gets sorted out in a reasonable amount of time.

Wy just dont go to EAC and talk to them straight away?

Facepunch doesn’t deal with bans, like at all AFAIK. You’re in the wrong place to be asking for such things, and given your writing habits, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you got ignored by EAC. :v:

think ur find out I do cus this isn’t the first time this has happened to me I done it with call of dutys activision

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steam has confirmed to me it is the games producers that ordered the ban and that is facepunch studios I think I am at the studios aint I

Well, judging by your video (it was painful to see it through the end) and your comments “to the people reading this sorry but this aint none of your business so mind ur own nose unless ur a admin who can legally speak” and “if I am not unbanned I want the contact details of your legal department” you are probably as angry as out of your mind and its obvious that you dont give a fuck about this public forum, but you should watch your attitude if you want anyone of the staff to answer you.

You make me wanna say to you “the game is in development, expect hacks and bugs” and believe me its something I even dislike to read because there is a green warning at the top right of the game all the time telling you its an alpha. Devs are working hard on fighting hackers, hackers presence is impossible to be removed completely in online games but you maybe can try community administered servers because official servers are not moderated, you sure know this with 1k hours.

Eac will probably come here to confirm your hacks (as many others you came here to blame facepunch but is Eac who banned you). My guess is that you did it out of pure rage, to fight hackers back with their own weapons, bad choice. If you get any official attention that will be it. If the ban was a mistake it will be lifted.

Enjoy the ban, i know facepunch enjoyed your money.

And they will again after you rebuy the game.

Activision huh? That’s funny, I’m 100% sure the developers of the call of duty games deal with bans, not the publishers… Unless of course it was on steam, in which case VAC deal with bans on most call of duty games. Nice try though, better luck with the next lie you come up with.

This logic doesn’t hold up in court. I couldn’t carry out a murder and get away with it because half of my life is recorded so it couldn’t of been me

Are you sure you are not hacking,even when not streaming?
Because EAC often dont ban hacker instantly,they will wait for a few hours or days IMHO