i was recording a fight between me and my friends vs admins on a server then out of no where i was banned and its saying that im vac banned in my main menu :suicide:

Holly shit lets contact Gayry about this!

If you got banned, you deserved it, simple as that.

Nah man as he said he did nothing wrong!!

I didnt deserve a f****** ban dude ! Its so dumb this was my favorite game with like 187 hours of gametime its so dumb i need to be un-f****** banned

You hear him mods, f****** unban him has he did nothing wrong and we should totally believe him!!!

Dude omg wtf theres no f****** reason for me to banned its so dumb, is there a way for it to tell you why i was banned ??? so dumbb

you are a hacker, you take us for idiots?

I totally agree man, its so dumbb that you got banned for no f****** raisin.

just sayin.

Where is the video?

i recorded with dxtory

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i can post the video on youtube and give you a link but i don’t see how that will help

Don’t worry, I’m calling FBI to unban you.

911, what’s your emergency…Hey you ain’t FBI, but, but I’M BANNED:zoid: (Stupidity at its best)
Keep Cool

Why would you post here? What could we do? What could Garry do? Drop everything he’s doing to help you? VAC = Valve Anti-Cheat. Does that give you a hint?

Well, we can always save him time because he won’t get unbanned for bringing this to valve either.

It’s ok kid, you’re allowed to swear on the internet as long as your parents don’t find out.

where’s the video? :v:
looks like it takes a while to “cut” off a few parts from it.

Lol, you can’t even get unbanned here anyway, make some more story please.

I wonder why.
PM Postal, he has Rust VAC Unbans.

Another cheater gets banned, and this one is upset about it. That just warms my heart.