BANNED for no reason>? Please fix

I just bought the game, tried to log in and was banned. I haven’t done anything in game but get killed by a wolf… Can someone look into this? such a crappy way to waste 60 bucks. The worst part is there was no ban message just says my account is banned (error message)

Are you using Internet Explorer, by any chance?

the mighty ban wolf strikes again

Yeah Internet Explorer 10 FTL

Common enough occurrence eh?

Use Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. IE and Rust don’t get along at all. You very likely haven’t been banned, this is a common problem with IE.

Is this like a browser game or something?

Yes, for now.

I think it’s a browser game atm to stop people from installing hacks and such, which will make most of development go into stopping hacks rather than adding features.

Making it a browser game makes no difference in trying to stop hacks.

Right you have to hack the browser instead of a client not big difference,

I seriously doubt someone will hack their whole browser for a simple game…

I liek had to hax whole browser and it no works it sukz man… Lol I don think they understand how a hack works, anyways good luck on getting it fixed. I’d be pissed if I spent 60$ and got a error

I just honestly don’t know anything about the game. The fanbase has made it pretty clear that I probably shouldn’t bother.

And yet, you continue to shitpost in this subforum…

Someone clearly doesn’t understand how to hack

There is no posting that is not “shitposting” here.

This type of thread happens literally once per day, SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST.

the search function is utter shit, it aint google level

Which is good. You’re not supposed to know how to hack.

i use the rust subforum to get my daily giggle