Banned for no reason ?

Hello everybody, sorry for my bad enlglish. I’ve been banned but i don’t play rust since 3 days and now i’m banned. I never shoot anyone around me or never do anything who corrup the game so i don’t understand why my account have been banned. Check the message :

Your account have been banned
(banned message)
If you think this is a mistake ask in our forum

Please can you help me ?

The website is down, chillout, lay back and wait for the servers to be up.


ok maybe a weird message. Have to be patient

Shame people don’t search think this issue is a well documented topic.

Don’t play since 3 days ago and now i see i’m banned but no topic on a forum so i ask here. Is not the right way ?

There’s a couple actually. >
But it’s a site error I believe, don’t worry.

Do a search one of the “many” topics on the subject is bound to fix your issue.

As in the ban message it said ask in the forums douche.

Yeah, got the same message, flipped out for a second.