Banned for no reason

I was Banned on rust, i just came back from school try to play on my friends server and im disconnected because im banned??? WTF!

My Username is [SWEG] SpeedNinja Please hlpe me for fuck sakes!

(User was permabanned for this post ("liar/gimmick" - postal))

how was school danny?

How did you become a speed ninja? With a speed and invisibility hack?

facepalm iv had it for like 2 years the name how bout some useful help maybe?
instead of being a dick

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Bad, Now please help

Don’t cheat, danny. And don’t lie either :v:

That’s right, Jonny the detective is still around.

“B–but that’s for Minecraft/A different game!”

Don’t bother, I saved you the trouble.

Are you banned on rust, as in a vac ban? Or just that one server. If it’s a vac ban then there’s nothing you can do. IF it’s just a local ban (that one server) then just ask the admin to unban you.

You aren’t exactly being clear. Was it a VAC Ban or a Server ban? If its a Server Ban, you just have to find another server to play on. If its a VAC ban, we can’t help you. Either way this isn’t the place to try and appeal a ban.

Yeah, I know how this is most likely going to end up, especially with that little tidbit. Still, someone had to ask even though someone did at the same time as me.

Why did you register on a cheat site?


haha :smiley: nice

I count two~

You sure you don’t know what went wrong?

Oh, i see i wasn’t the only one to see that



You’re late dude :v: and that’s my job, go get your own career! There can be only one Rust Junior Detective. In fact, I am going to make myself a little badge and everything for it, just you wait ;_;

You should get a hyperlink “Rust Jr. Detective” title instead

I would, but I already wasted five bucks on some random dude for gold membership :v: If you would change it for me, I’d welcome it.

I dun haz the monies

I love people that cant handle a ban when they get caught… sorry man, go play Doom, here are some cheats: idkfa , iddqd

I think you’re the only person on this forum I actually enjoy seeing posts from. Kudos to you.

So many liars, i’m appalled, as if hacking is not bad enough,
they’re even more shameless to lie about it and ask why they were banned lol.

I hope you also had that steam account for 2 years or more,
cause now you just marked yourself for good lol.

This is funny