Banned for no reason

I tried to log on today and I was VAC banned from Rust. I havent even played it in a month or so, Any way this can be fixed?
Steam account:
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:55412539

Contact Steam Support.

considering that the vac ban is 71 days old

you’re a liar

I have already, And they said there was nothing they could do about it.

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Considering i said i haven’t played it in forever?

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My account was hacked in december and i have proof of that. If thats when it was?

Facepunch has no authority over VAC bans and cannot do anything but suggest you contact Steam Support. The odds of them unbanning your account are very slim though, and they aren’t going to tell you the exact thing that triggered VAC.

EDIT: … It took a bit for it to actually put what I said up. If you already got in contact with Steam Support and they can’t help you, all you can do is make a fresh Steam account and repurchase Rust.

Even though theres nothing i can do about my account being hacked.

Turn on Steam Guard next time and don’t turn it off.

And don’t use the same password on your email account that SteamGuard uses.

have a less bad password, enable steamguard

you could have prevented it

yes there is, you should have prevented it in the beginning

keyloggers, bad passwords, relatives, people with access to your computer

I had steam guard on. My password was not bad, It was a RAT.
Yeah, Its hard to prevent it actually, Yes, It CAN be prevented by not downloading crap but I download tons of stuff and that was actually my first time with a problem from it.

then it was your fault for downloading malicious software

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it’s not hard to prevent a keylogger, don’t think I ever had one. just don’t download hacks, software which you can’t trust, pirating from unreliable sources

Alrighty then so i guess ill stick with dayz.

At the end of the day, you are still fully responsible for your account.

Make a new Steam account and buy another copy of Rust. If you had a RAT and your Steam account got hijacked, having to buy a second copy of Rust is the least of your worries.

Oh I already got rid of the RAT. Im not re-buying Rust either, Its not worth it, I just thought i would try to see if i could be unbanned. I spent 35$ on the copy cause i bought it in the auction.

Who the hell buys it in an auction when you can just get it cheaper on the steam store.

It wasn’t on the Steam store at the time. He’s talking about the Dutch auction Garry did.

Because it was available in limited key quantities on months before it was available on Steam. And before the game went to Steam, it used the shitty Unity Webplayer, so you played Rust through a browser window.

Lol Yeah, the dutch auction is what I was referring to.

Buy a new account, and stop cheating.