Banned for no reason

I have been playing rust for quite a while now and today i come on to see that my account has been banned. I am very flusterd on what i did wrong, as i am reading there was a mass ban today. I almost have 2000 hours on rust and was trying to get there by summer time. If someone could please help me on what to do from here that would be great! I’ve always been against hacks even from my old legacy server, i was always reporting hackers and banning them on my server. I unfortunately did have to reinstall rust 2 days go due to getting a new gaming computer if that has anything to do with it. My Steam ID is 76561198125027771 Steam Profile
Any help would be amazing guys! Thanks

Mass bans are triggered when people use paid cheats from a vendor such as ••••••••••, TmCheats, MPGH etc I can recount one time someone was banned wrongly, and that was literally due to the scope being added into the game and them pulling off an amazing shot, so far a few kids have come in saying the same garbage, you using the excuse "Can me getting a new computer have anything to do with the ban, is certainly a new one. A few “legit” players say, I never hack, yet I always manage to link their accounts to known cheating sites… This is your steamID with your RustDB ban, do us all a favor and stop playing, no one wants you here.

That was two years ago before i even had my server. I admit i dumb fucked up then, But now i really wasn’t hacking. I’m admin on a server there would be no real reason to hack.

Another one bites the dust. Once a cheater. Always a cheater.

I have two steam accounts. One which I made to try and improve my dota rank and my main with 300 games or so on it. I have never even touched a cheat and have no problems. Because I am not a little cheating scumbag.

You are a cheater. You are a proven cheater it took crazy 15 minutes to find evidence that you have hacked in the past. It is the same for every single person that posts here from what I have seen.

Like you they all say, I have never cheated, I am against hacks and immediately someone finds their alt VAC banned accounts or proof they have been cheating in other games.

If it was my game I would ban everyone who has ever cheated. If you have a VAC ban I wouldnt let you buy my game. To me you are all the scum of the gaming community. Ruin every single game for people who want to play properly. So what if you cheated 2 years or 3 years or 5 years ago. Your a cheater. This is the stigma that should be attached with cheaters so its big deal when you think about cheating and screwing people our of their hours and hours of hard work.

The, I cheated in the past I was dumb, but now I am not hacking doesn’t wash with those of us who never cheat. Or at least with me.It is so easy tog et free hacks that I dont believe someone who has cheated in the past wouldn’t cheat in the present if tempted.


Exactly “If tempted” But i was not that was the past this is the present

Sucks to be you, cheater. $20 or GTFO.

usual shit:

if its a positive detection, you will not be unbanned. you will need a new account, and a new copy of rust. it is suggested you reinstall your os too unless you are positive about how clean your computer is; remember shit stays behind when you uninstall cheats.

in the very very unlikely event that it is a false ban, EAC have been very good in the past at reverting them, and closing the loophole that caused the false ban.

the more of these i read, the more i start to believe the “once a cheater, always a cheater” line.

Knifey, check EAC’s discussion board… It just flows over half the kids posting on here.

The ban is from a definite cheat detection and it is permanent. For more information please read this:

thanks for both threads nago:)

Some threads on steam in discussions forums too easy cheats on steam!
I would not recommend those either!!! Those Are againsts Game policies and Rights! by right the APP or program should be report to steam and the discussions forums should be removed , or valve or any other game Devs Of Platfrom games Should be aware of that! Very Bad!
Not just talking about just Rust game … Others as Well! ty