Banned for radio ent.

Hello! Yesterday i uploaded a radio of my community, and got banned for it.
I want to know why. There is other radios like bbc, and there is no rules, saying that this is restricted.
Why uploading shitty copy-pasted weapons into toybox in not restricted, but a small radio is restricted?
So explain please?

Message from toybox:

You are banned

You will not be able to access this site until your ban is lifted.

Reason: PLease don’t upload radio ents

You will be unbanned in 1 Days, 19 Hours, 57 Minutes, 57 Seconds

Feel free to use the forum

Xm, i think this is rage one of toybox’s moder. D:<

Please don’t upload anymore radio entities.

Why? Why others are allowed to do that?

huh? You toybox’s moder? No? So, gtho. We have get answer from really moder. D:<

It’s pretty obvious that advising him to not upload radio ents anymore is reasonable here, no ned of flaming people like that.
Back on topic, it was probably some angry moderator.

Agree. Need some answer from this moderator D:

It’s a few days.

I want to know why, i don’t ask to unban me, i know that its only 2 days -_-

Because they’re shit. Any that are on there now were uploaded a long time ago. We won’t need any more entities that just play sounds.

It was quite popular. If people “don’t need any more entities that just play sounds”, they would say, wouldn’t they? Or their choice doesn’t matter?

This radio is not “just play sounds”. Look at entities before deleting them.

there all the same they play sounds and kills npcs

…just because Garry deleted the only radio that played actual (internet radio, eh?) music and did not kill npcs unless thrown at them with gravigun.

Just play sounds? Huh? That is radio, just radio garry -_-
User can request music and more etc, that is no “just play sounds” entity.

If I want to listen to a song I’ll pull up the steam overlay browser and goto YouTube, thanks.

this is just pointless

You wouldn’t find Internet radio on youtube. Show examples, JVS?

lolwut? Very elegant decision. Cool story, bro.

For whoever who did not try this radio: it is in-game client for our community’s internet radio, which is a 24/7 live stream of electro house music, with users able to request tracks and real DJs playing live sets sometimes. It is NOT mp3 player. It is NOT <insert your favourite video/audio/file storage> player. It does NOT do anything except playing music.