Banned for saying the nword

so i got banned for saying the Nword in the ingame chat
And u see the problem is that i am a black male
And i saw other people say it and they did not get banned

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Whatever the color of your skin it’s not normal to say that in a game chat.

You’ll need to show proof that you’re black, as to let them know that you do, indeed, have an n-word pass.

From where you got banned?

Community runned server? Official server?

If it’s a community server then do a ban appeal or something in their community based forums or discord, FP doesn’t have anything to do with community servers.

No i got banned On an Official server Facepunch Small And i also got banned on all the other facepunch servers

Can I appeal a ban for racism?

No! - bans are final. Bans are placed manually and already reviewed by Facepunch Staff at the time of issuing the ban, appeals to support will automatically be rejected.
You can continue playing Rust on community servers.

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