Banned from a server and what can i do?

So i was recently banned from a server. This server i was banned from i donated to and i did not break any of their rules. I was wondering if there is anyway i can get my money back somehow like contacting Paypal or something like that. I was pretty much scammed and taken advantage of.

NOTE: All i would like is some information about how i can get my money back if anyone knows. I do not need to know that i was stupid to help a server out or anything like that.


You willingly gave them money to support their server and you got banned, thats on you.

OK thank you.

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idk anything about money, but do a chargeback or something

Here’s the deal. You made a donation. A donation is when you give someone/company money because you believe in them. You cannot charge back a donation. Now there is a difference between a donation and a purchase. If you purchased a product from them and you did not get what was advertised, by paypal’s rules/regulations you can pursue a charge back.

Here’s what I would do. Get over it. Yes, I would have lost some money, but I was ‘risking’ it when I gave it to the community. I did NOT purchase anything, I donated to keep a server that I liked running.

What they did is wrong, but unless you gave them hundreds of dollars (which I highly doubt) there is no point in fighting it and causing trouble.

You can always contact the owner and politely ask about it, but there is no guarantee you will get a response let alone something you want to hear.

Contact him/her, if they have a forums go on the forums make a request to be unbanned.

If one of his staff abused you’ll most likely be unbanned

If he banned you out of free will. You can’t get unbanned unless he’s generous enough too.

The donation part, nothing you can do.

A donation is a donation. If you charge-back, that server owner may end up getting stuck with a $25 credit-card charge-back FEE which is incredibly low.

I’d recommend signing up on their forums, or site or e-mail them and ask what the issue is and why you were banned… I find it odd that someone banned you without talking to you first to let you know what you did wrong and to tell you to stop it before banning you…

Were you cheating? Some servers run anti-cheats that auto-ban you. That could be it.

If this was a real donation and you didn’t get any vip rank or game money in exchange there’s nothing you can do. If this was a rank purchase in paypal this will be shown as a normal purchase, just open an issue on PayPal for Intangible Item and explain there what happened. This can only be done 45 days after the “donation” is paid.

Also if you just want to join the server again create a new steam account and enable family feature that shares your games with that account.