Banned from a server

Is there anyway to contact admin?

I ca’t remember the name,but I got banned because he think I’m hacking.

It’s a battlefield pvp server,I ws having 8 kill streaks,then the notification message popped up, Player X has teleported to you!

So I turned around and shoot him…

And then boom aim banned…


There’s nothing you can do unless he can see your message here, maybe if you could remember his name you could look him up on Steam. If you were in fact not cheating just move onto a different server, but if you were you will get VAC/FP banned eventually.

Ya unless you know the admin’s steamID and are able to contact him/her to contest your ban there is nothing Facepunch or Steam can do. Private servers are just that, private. Server admins can ban/kick/troll/grief whomever they want whenever they want. Obviously excessive banning/trolling/griefing based on assumptions will take your server to 0/100 status in no time due to the sheer number of servers out there, but on the other end server admins have very limited tools to identifying hackers so guessing is all they can really do when it comes to hackers.