Banned from Amsterdam 1 for finding exploit, not even a warning?!

So yesterday my friend ‘Helio-’ got banned from an official Facepunch server - Amsterdam 1 by ‘Buck Sexington’ (I recall that was his name, I might be wrong though) For having discovered and used the building in rocks exploit.
He wasn’t even given a warning or anything, the building inside was destroyed and he just got banned. This is a game in early development, it’s full of bugs, glitches and exploits, obviously someone is going to stumble upon them and use them, and I couldn’t find any rules where this was noted as a banable offence. So is it possibble that he could get his ban undone?
We learned our lesson, and if anything we only made people aware that this bug is still working and should be patched soon.

Link to his steam profile -

Hoping to hear from mods or admins soon!

Everyone already knows it still works, and obviously it’s a banable offence, your using a game exploit to give yourself a massive advantage over other players in a mass-multiplayer-online game.

And you should really get rid of the last part of your post, the less people that know about this the better.

Sorry to bring this to you, but as I already mentioned this game is in early development, there are countless bugs and exploits that everyone is using. Finding bugs helps developers fix the game and make it better for others. You should really be worried about hackers that use 3rd party software…

The developers have known about this for 6+ months now. They’re getting close to patching it completely and have made it a lot harder for people to do it. And no, I shouldn’t be worried about hackers, eac do a great job of detecting hackers. I have 1500 hours and have only ever come across 1 legit hacker while playing, and he was banned by eac less then 20 minutes later.

Imo exploits are devs fault and exploiters are just a natural and inevitable consequence of exploits not being fixed (the argument is if i dont use someone else will use it and then they will have and unfair advantage over me and bla bla bla…). This glitch, in particular, seems to raise the rage of admins without mercy while other glitchs are pretty much allowed.

At present time developers have decided that they are gonna destroy rock houses, ban the people that use them (while this is no that obvious bannable offense, they will ban without a warning) and if you come to the forum to cry about it, they are gonna ban you from the forum too and delete the post. All of this seems to be a very popular reaction in this community and nobody will discuss this decisions.

I just see all of this as a poor bandage for a problem in the game they seem unable to fix, the implementacion of this bandage is also poorly done imo because the exploit is really easy to be done and unless you check this forum regularly you are gonna get “surprise” ban from your fav server when you probably were thinking “i am the smartest ass here with my rock base, no one is gonna fuck with my shit”.

Anyway, cheaters deserver hell so if you cheat you are not gonna get warn about it and so on your friend is not gonna get unbanned. Dont live in rock bases, no matter how hard the devs have failed and let the game let you do it cause they are gonna come to fix it one rock base at a time.

You poor little thing, you knew it was an exploit, you find it, you report it, that’s it. You don’t use it to “help” the game.

Nearly 600 hours in Rust and he didn’t know rock bases were a bannable exploit? I’m calling bullshit here…

Finding exploits doesn’t get you banned, exploiting exploits gets you banned.

Please direct me to a site or anything official that says glitching is a bannable offence

There is nothing official, as I said you need to check regularly this forum to see how devs have been handling this issues. They have been deleting rock bases in facepunch servers for quite a while now.

This was the last example before your post:

There doesn’t need to be anything official, you’re exploiting their game to get an edge over the competition. They have every right to ban you.

I don’t understand how you ever thought you wouldn’t be banned for it.

Well not everybody actively uses the forum, and since there weren’t any server rules posted anywhere besides: Don’t be abusive to people who speak a different language or get banned.
There should have been a warning before the ban, that just shows how broken the community is, not just the game

Stop whining like a child and take your ban like a man. it’s pretty simple mate, if you cheat you get banned, all games are like this, not just rust.

The community is not broken, nor is the game. You’re just a little butthurt that you got caught cheating and got banned from your favourite server.

^ winner

I’m waiting for a moderator/admin response, you haven’t really been very helpful, but thanks for the effort

It seems like you already got an admin response, right here:

Nobody is buying your justification that finding the glitch helps the community. This glitch may still exist, but FP has made it hard enough to accomplish that you can’t stumble upon it by accident. Your explanation makes it pretty clear that you guys knew what you were doing, and chose not to come here with the information until after you got your admin response. Since it was only a server ban, you can consider that your warning.

And before you complain any more about how abusive or broken this community is, care to explain this?

I take it you are new to RUST, never before have you seen such artforms? Just because I have a screenshot doesn’t mean I painted it

I play on decent servers, so such “art forms” don’t survive long. And even if you didn’t paint it, your caption of “Masterpiece” doesn’t help you at all.

This is getting off topic, but that was in an official Facepunch server. That was meant to be ironic

Find another server and don’t exploit. Simple.

Also, I didn’t ban him when I cleared the base. I banned him after he gloated, “I have four other rock bases”.