Banned from FacePunch Seattle offical server

Today I along with others were spamming global chat saying “WIPE WIPE WIPE” while Gary was online. We were doing this I received a ban from the server Facepunch Seattle USA. I am able to log onto all of the other official servers but I am unable to log into the server I play on and the server I have my blueprints on. I am not sure what my ban reason was and the “reason” message was left blank when I received the ban. I am here to publicly apologize for my disruptive actions and would like to ask for more information regarding my ban from this server. Thank you for your time and once again I apologize for my actions.

For once someone came in here and actually apologized rather than rant and flame like a 3 year old. For this I applaud you and hope they lift your ban.

Is it not a time ban? I dont think they could perm banned you for flooding.
Check it via console.

How do I check it that way?

thanks for the feedback

U cant perm ban player beacuse he is screaming on chat!

sup man, i play on the seattle server as well (which i can no longer access because of the damn checksum error which is yet to be resolved, but that’s another story)

while your initial actions were childish, i think it’s more childish of the creator of the game to ban you for that.

that’s really lame, so hope he lifts the ban.

when I attempt to log online I get the message “Disconected: You are banned from this server”

when I press f1 to open console after that console reads

Disconnect reason: You are banned from this server
Disconected (You are banned from this server) - returning to main menu

No idea. Was looking for other player with manual ban as u, i didnt find anything.

Imho, you are time banned.
If not, u need to change server.
It is possible, they can perm ban you but with that reason… I bet it is a lesson :slight_smile:

I have logged over 1000 hours into the facepunch seattle server and I have seen probably the worst of the worst with hackers running rampant and people copy pasting spam messages for 20 minutes on end. I am simply here to apologize for my actions and hopefully receive some form of feedback regarding the ban.

It’s happened before, there was a dude who was flooding the chat back when experimental first went live, he wouldn’t stop, so Garry hard-coded his perma-ban into the actual code of game so he can’t be unbanned by Valve or any server owners.

To be honest I was not flooding the chat, I was saying the same thing over and over for about a total of 10 to 15 chat messages while many others were spamming chat. I realize I was being disruptive along with everyone else but I did only send about 10 to 15 total messages over global chat.

Yes, he can. He should not perm ban a guy who spend a dollar for a game beacuse he is a spammer. He didnt deserve for that.

Admin is a law in game, we can only talk about it and play the game.
Try to find a topic ‘banned by garry/admin/dev’. Then ask for unban.

IronPi is an entirely different situation from this. He was spamming the only new-Rust server at the time, run by garry, for six hours at a time for days/weeks. And then he cried like a little bitch for weeks afterwards in the Refugee Camp after being permabanned from the forums (seven times, counting his alts) and being hardcode-banned from Rust experimental. The ban can be reversed but only by the server admin modifying the server itself, so it’s not trivial.

There is no such topic, and that’s what this fucking thread is.

Moral of the story: garry doesn’t put up with children harrassing him when he’s trying to work. There is a reasonable way of asking garry to wipe the server, and then there’s spamming the chat.

So silly. Im sure it would have been more efficient to just program a cooldown in to the chat input, so you can only send messages every 5 seconds, and XX messages per minute.

Also, his work all became redundant yesterday when Steam allowed the use of Game Bans.

Can I have the codes to your doors?

Kidding. I’ve seen you on there before and you’ve always been a stand-up guy (for a Rust player that is). Hope this isn’t permanent for you.

Moral of the story: garry doesn’t put up with children harrassing him when he’s trying to work. There is a reasonable way of asking garry to wipe the server, and then there’s spamming the chat.[/QUOTE]

Garry could have provided us with at least 1 sentince of feedback regarding what he was going to do about the stone issue. I made another thread about it. The only thing he said was a witty sarcastic response along the lines of “go swim and mine the ore”. It seemed like a relaxed enviroment. There were other players sexually harassing Garry and demanding they give him sexual favors but that is your typical chat. If Garry did not ban the individual whom was sexually harassing him directly I do not understand why he would ban me for spamming “wipe”.

I also suspect this could be a mistake and thank you everyone who helps bring this to the attention of an admin of Seattle

that’s a pretty dickish statement. wow.

I should clarify that Garry said that in game over global chat and not in my thread. I mentioned Garry’s joke to explain why I thought it was such a relaxed environment and that a few spamming messages would not result in a ban from my home server.

We can only bump this thread, then you got more chances for unban :slight_smile:

I’m not a mod, but I’d advise very strongly not to make contentless bumps. It’s a bad idea.