Banned from Garry's Mod discord

So recently I got banned from Garry’s Mod official discord, I don’t know why (and I’m fully honest right now, because I know that people say that). I was sitting on #lua channel and one guy popped in and had a problem with some sound he made, so I decided to help him, asked him couple of question and when he said that nothing is working, I asked him to send me the file so I could re-encode it, just to make sure it has the right parameters. Shortly after I sent the file I got banned without any warning, or anything. Interestingly enough when I reported someone for making nazi jokes like 30 minutes earlier, no one responded and the guy is still on the server (asked my good friend to look if he is still there like 1 or 2 days ago). So if possible I would like to know why I got banned and if I can appeal?

Welcome to the club, you’re not cool if you haven’t been banned there.

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Well, I would like to know the reason behind that.


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So much this

Ban bypass in-coming

I’m not that type of person, don’t judge me on account of just wanting to know the reason of ban.

Facepunch has a strict ban policy, unless you have some friends still in the Discord and get them to ask the moderator why you’ve been banned then you’re out of luck.
I doubt whoever banned you even remembers your name at this point.
There are no ban appeals whatsoever unless you somehow get a hold of a Facepunch stuff and get him to like you enough to unban you, which is impossible because just trying to reach out to them will probably get you blocked and banned from other Facepunch related servers.

You can always try to contact Spar who is mostly in charge of moderation on the server.

If I only had his discord id or tag, and since I’m not there anymore there is no way for me to get that. Shame, as people there were extremely helpful, it was like facepunch forum after it got shutdown, for people like me, writing addons.

It’s Spar#6665

Thank you

Please if you have any questions or need help with Gmod, post your questions here.
I’m trying to revitalize the help subforum, me and a few other users will always answer.

Yeah they banned me from a bunch of communities for no reason as well. The gmod community has a problem with harassment and abuse against players.